European Parliament: 5G Health Effects and Environmental Impacts

Over the last decades, novel wireless communication technologies, such as mobile telephones, cellular networks and Wi-Fi, have been developed at unparalleled speed. However, 5G, along with 3G and 4G, may also pose threats to human health and the environment. This article outlines the two STOA studies presented to the EU Parliament, which take stock of our present understanding of the impacts of 5G on health and the environment.


any people ask “Where is the scientific evidence? How do you know that 5G and the deployment of small cells (which usually is 4G) is not safe? Why do you say it is harmful?”  The answer is that an ever growing and large body published research has found adverse effects from wireless radiation. Effects have been found at levels that are legal and permissible. 5G will use frequencies that are currently in use as well as higher frequencies never used in any widespread way.  

European Union Presentation of the studies: ‘Health impact of 5G’ and ‘Environmental impacts of 5G’ (online event)

Over the last decades, novel wireless communication technologies, such as mobile telephones, cellular networks and Wi-Fi, have been developed at unparalled speed., 5G, along with 3G and 4G, with which it will operate in parallel for several years, may also pose threats to human health. This event will present the results of two STOA studies, which take stock of our present understanding of the impacts of 5G on health and the environment.

Lawsuit Filed Against UK Government to Stop 5G Deployment

A group of committed and concerned citizens including doctors, scientists, and engineers throughout the United Kingdom have come together to bring a lawsuit against their government for its failure to protect the health of the country’s citizens, particularly children, from 5G and wireless. The Claimants filed their lawsuit, an application for Judicial Review Proceedings, in the UK’s High Court.

Open Letter To Environmental Organizations – May 2020

arth and all living beings are under threat from the many environmental challenges we now face: Climate change, deforestation, pollution, oceanic dead zones, and so on. But one threat to all life that has largely gone unnoticed by the International Environmental Community is that of our vast and growing e-footprint from technology as well as from the associated radiofrequency microwave radiation exposures.

DEMYTHIFICATION of 5G by Miguel Coma

We all read numerous times news media stories that advertise 5G as the next must have technology. As telecoms say it, every industry and every person should have 5G or… be a loser. This mantra has deeply permeated into news media and social media and feeds frenzy of technology geeks. But is it so that very soon there will be no life without 5G? Do we really need it everywhere in our environment? Or is it just pure propaganda? Are we being duped by telecoms?

5G’s threats to wildlife – A letter to Greta Thunberg: is 5G an experiment on life?

Thousands of high-quality peer-reviewed scientific studies have reported adverse biological effects caused by man-made EMFs. Wireless technologies deployed in the last decades have added ever-increasing levels of EMFs to our environment. Electrosmog generated by wireless technologies is already 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 times natural levels. 5G will add an additional layer of radiation.

Overview of the Health and Environmental Effects of 5G, 4G and Wireless Radiofrequency Radiation

This review by the Environmental Health Trust (USA) brings to your attention critical scientific and technical information justifying an immediate moratorium on 5G and wireless network densification as called for by more than 400 scientists and supported by thousands of medical doctors. Independent public health and medical experts worldwide are requesting immediate reductions in both public exposure to microwave wireless radiation and a halt to the densification of wireless infrastructure.

Reports on Increasing Energy Consumption of Wireless Systems and Digital Ecosystem

The more we use wireless electronic devices, the more energy we will consume. 5G will exponentially increase energy usage. The Small Cell Forum predicts the installed base of small cells to reach 70.2 million in 2025 and the total installed base of 5G or multimode small cells in 2025 to be 13.1 million. The lurking threat behind the promise of 5G delivering up to 1,000 times as much data as today’s networks is that 5G could also consume up to 1,000 times as much energy.

5G AND THE MILITARY — Marriage Made in Hell

5G infrastructure has already been paid for by the public through the commercial use of cellphones, smart cities and satellite internet such as Starlink. So through dual use technology, the military gets bargain prices for much of its infrastructure while the public (unknowingly) subsidizes war.

An Electromagnetic Health Crisis

An Electromagnetic Health Crisis

Exposure to the electromagnetic field is not a new phenomenon for living beings. While living beings have always been exposed to natural electromagnetic fields, the growing sources, applications, and impact of human-made electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) on humans and the environment are creating more questions than answers.

Understanding Adverse Health Effects of Artificial EMFs is Common Sense

As we are all rapidly being forced into the new generation of electronic gadgets and wireless services, sometimes referred to as the “Internet of Things” and primarily based on the 5th generation (5G) of wireless communication, to be followed soon by 6G and 7G, more and more people are asking themselves if the ever-increasing levels of artificial electromagnetic fields (EMFs), especially of the pulsed type, really are safe for living organisms.

ELECTROSMOG – The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution

ELECTROSMOG – The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution

This book was written by Dr Susan Pockett to explain how the telecommunications industry and the military have combined to blanket the world with electromagnetic waves of a sort that have never before been seen on planet Earth. Life evolved in the complete absence of these waves, so this development has become a serious bio-hazard.”

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