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In 2020 the Safer Technology Aotearoa/New Zealand Incorporated Society (STANZ) was established and held its first inaugural public meeting in New Brighton, Christchurch at the beginning of August. STANZ is necessary to help lead the local and national campaigns against 5G and other wireless technologies that pollute our environment with Electro Magnetic Radiation (EMR). As well as confront the very real threat that Artificial Intelligence poses to humanity and to protect the human rights of those who experience Electro Hypersensitivity. The STANZ Incorporated Society constitution outlines the specific purpose and objectives of the society.

Society’s Purpose and Objectives

The purpose of the Society is to inform, educate and advocate in the public interest including, but not exclusively, to policy makers, regulatory bodies, educationalists, the medical and scientific community as well as local, regional and central government, about the safe use of technology.

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Not for Profit Organisation

STANZ is a not-for-profit organisation which relies on the good will of its members to run its operations. The only source of funding it currently receives are from donations from members and the public.

STANZ has an elected Coordinating Committee that meets regularly to organise the affairs and activities of the society.

Objectives of the Society

a) To consider individual and community health, wellbeing, environmental and biodiversity impacts, of any technology including wireless technology, proposed, planned or already in use in Aotearoa/New Zealand and its aerospace, using relevant scientific literature as reference sources.

b) To inform, educate and advocate about the dangers to people and the environment from exposure to existing and emerging electromagnetic radiation (EMR) technologies in public and private spaces to prevent exposure to unsafe levels of EMR, as well as, but not exclusive to technology referred to in this document.

c) To take all possible and reasonable steps to ensure that any existing and new technology, as well as, but not exclusive to technology referred to in this document, which includes wireless, robotic, software, hardware and artificial intelligence is independently tested for safety and found to be safe before and after it has been put into use.

d) To work with other local, regional, national and international organisations to create safe healthier communities for individual persons, children, families, the environment and biodiversity so that we are protected from harmful levels of all types of artificial and human made electromagnetic radiation, as well as, but not exclusive to technology referred to in this document.

e) To inform, educate and advocate for electro-hypersensitive (EHS) people, to ensure freedom from discrimination and meeting of human rights, access to suitable health care, housing, work, education and social opportunities so that they can fully and safely participate in society.

f) To inform, educate and advocate in the public interest about the moral, ethical, personal and social implications of Artificial Intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology and robotic systems on humanity and the environment, as well as, but not exclusive to technology referred to in this document. 

g) The precautionary principle will underly all considerations in informing, educating and advocating for safer technology by the Society.

h) To raise funds for the purpose of investing in and/or purchasing technology that will support the Purpose and Objectives of the Society.

i) To raise funds for legal action that supports the Purpose and Objectives of the Society.

j) To do all other such lawful acts as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above purposes and/or objectives of the Society.

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