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April 3, 2022

Presentation by Victor Leach on 5G Cellular Standards. Total radiobiological assessment of the dangers of planetary
electromagnetic radiation exposure to the population. At the Australasian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) Conference in Canberra Asutralia in March 2022

• Adoption of the ICNIRP guidelines with limits based on thermal effects, means industry does not have to innovate to keep radiation exposures as low as reasonable.
• ICNIRP invites radiation protection scientist who only believe that the basis for limitation is thermal effects. Non-thermal effects are ignored.
• No consumer advice on the safe use of wireless devices.
• No medical input in the setting of standards. No establishment similar to State Research Centre. Federal Medical Biophysical Centre (SRC-FMBC).
• People with Electrohypersensitivity (EHS) are treated as having a psychological condition..
• ARPANSA no background measurements over reliance on EME reports.

Full presentation here:


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