Overview of the Health and Environmental Effects of 5G, 4G and Wireless Radiofrequency Radiation

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This review by the Environmental Health Trust (USA) brings to your attention critical scientific and technical information justifying an immediate moratorium on 5G and wireless network densification as called for by more than 400 scientists and supported by thousands of medical doctors. Independent public health and medical experts worldwide are requesting immediate reductions in both public exposure to microwave wireless radiation and a halt to the densification of wireless infrastructure.

Environmental Health Trust (EHT) is a nonprofit think tank and policy organization, founded in 2007, dedicated to identifying and reducing environmental health hazards. EHT provides independent scientific research and advice on controllable environmental hazards to local, state, and national governments. Today, we write to advise you of the published scientific grounds establishing why and how to avoid major health and environmental impacts from the installation of 5G wireless telecommunications facilities and associated 4G wireless infrastructure in neighborhoods, parks and wilderness.

The transmissions to and from proposed 5G wireless installations are radiofrequency emissions that are an environmental pollutant found to cause cancer (in both experimental animals and humans), DNA damage, neurological damage and other adverse health and environmental effects (e.g., on birds, bees, and trees) according to internationally recognized authoritative research. The prestigious institutions that have conducted these studies include the U.S. National Toxicology Program, the nation’s premier testing institute, and the Ramazzini Institute, a foremost testing center in Italy.

The current guidelines put forth by the self-appointed, self-monitored, minority viewpoint of the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), upon which some government limits are based, are not protective of health, as they are not based on documentation of safety for long term exposure. Furthermore, none of the limits were developed to ensure safety to flora and fauna. As the Natural Resources Defense Council has argued in U.S Courts, an environmental impact assessment should be performed before building out these networks.

Wired Technology is Safer for Humans and Wildlife
Access to information is indisputably critical for the modern world. But, contrary to what some in the telecommunications world argue, this access need not be wireless. Wired technologies such as fiber or coaxial cable are far superior to wireless as they are faster, more reliable, resilient, energy-efficient, and more easily defended from cyber-attacks. Above all, wired connections are significantly less hazardous to our health and to other life forms with whom we share this planet.

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