ELECTROSMOG – The Health Effects of Microwave Pollution

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This book was written by Dr Susan Pockett to explain how the telecommunications industry and the military have combined to blanket the world with electromagnetic waves of a sort that have never before been seen on planet Earth. Life evolved in the complete absence of these waves, so this development has become a serious bio-hazard.” 

Part I of the book first describes in a non-­‐mathematical way the technology underpinning the problem, then shows how public exposure limits have been manipulated, all over the world, through the orchestrated capture of regulatory agencies by the very industry those agencies were set up to regulate.

Part II then summarises a huge volume of scientific evidence showing that exposure to power densities of pulsed radiofrequency radiation a tiny fraction of those permitted by the aforementioned, industry-­‐manipulated, public exposure limits actually causes cancer, DNA damage, diabetes, immune system and cardiovascular problems in humans – and similarly serious problems for wildlife (birds, bees and trees).

Finally, Part III discusses some of the biological mechanisms mediating these health harms, to counter the absurd suggestion that if we are unsure HOW such damage occurs, we should rightfully ignore all evidence that it does occur. No specific fixes for this increasingly inescapable problem are proposed.

Basically, the only fix for corruption (and its ugly spawn, propaganda and lies) is determined intervention by humans who have lost neither their common sense nor their moral compass. Such people appear to be increasingly rare – but do still exist.



Chapter 1: The technology

Chapter 2: Public exposure limits

Chapter 3: The regulators

Chapter 4: The ICNIRP Playbook


Chapter 5: Cancer

Chapter 6: DNA damage

Chapter 7: Immune system effects

Chapter 8: Diabetes

Chapter 9: Cardiovascular problems

Chapter 10: Wildlife


Chapter 11: The ‘official’ story

Chapter 12: Water

Chapter 13: Oxidative stress

Chapter 14: Brillouin precursors

Chapter 15: Membranes

The Electrosmog Book can be Downloaded for Reading Here:

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