STANZ Submission to Christchurch City Council – October 2020

Safer Technology Aotearoa New Zealand


We suggest that the CCC makes the control of urban and suburban Dense Air a part of this planning for the first time. Dense Air affects every single one of us now, and will go on increasing to extents that we have never yet experienced in New Zealand. This need not go dangerously, given the wise investment in fibre optic cabling that the NZ government, in comparison with other jurisdictions, has already made, and if we take other mitigating or avoidance strategies that can be chosen and/or engineered.

We have to decide as a community how much we can afford to be impacted, and while we are still on the right side of safety. Worldwide there is a lot of scientific and clinical research work ongoing in this area, especially outside the USA. We need to take more heed, not refuse to engage with it.

Are resource consents for wireless antennas a good thing? Every new installation and every renewal of a site is likely to involve antennas of a newer variety and purpose. New stages may be added to the same site – “progressive installation”. The front surface area of a panel-shaped covering is not the most worrisome aspect of panel antennas , which are often hidden inside tube-shaped shrouds. Mounted high on buildings, many panel antennas can hardly be noticed or seen properly.
It is what the antennas are doing that is the issue. Resource consents are appropriate management.
STANZ says – YES! Resource consenting for wireless antennas is good appropriate management.

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